Visit Vancouver!!

Interview with Ricardo Breves – Vancouver and Utah

Check out the nice chat we had, but I was here in Utah and him in Vancouver.

Although now after this interview, I wish to visit the incredible place, so I’m already considering the 2020 vacation.

Ricardo Breves was a former customer that I attend in the advertising work. He worked in an agency, and I worked in the newspaper.

We started our process of moving the country almost 3 years ago.

In this chat, we did a rich exchange of cultural experience, how was to did the change another country, how has been learning a new language, etc.

Thus came the idea of inviting him to write this precious article.



*I will translate the interview too.


Author guest – Ricardo Brevito


The only risk is you get hooked like I went and schedule your vacation, but save the tips and contact him for more information.


Brevito – Instagram: @photo_brevito


Vancouver is a vibrant city !!

Located on the west coast of Canada bathed in the Pacific.

Surrounded by lots of greenery it allows easy access to nature and offers many tourist attractions and leisure for all tastes.


Located south of the province of British Columbia, Vancouver is Canada’s third largest city (675,218 inhabitants).

Certainly, one of the main destinations in the country to enjoy the holidays, outside the traditional, being a circuit of the most visited tourist cities in the world.

Just ask for those who have been here and you will surely hear about their charms!


Aerial view of Vancouver and Stanley Park in the background

Simply enthralling

Even though I have lived here for a while now and knowing its main attractions, I never tire of looking at Vancouver with that look of who is visiting the city for the first time.

She is passionate and every season of the year dresses in different colors, temperatures, and attractions.


Every season a new city

In spring, rivers, lakes, and mountains begin to unfreeze.

Open the way to a world of colors with the blossoming of tulips, roses, wildflowers and the famous Japanese trees called – Cherry Blossoms.

  • At this time the temperatures turn around 37 ° F and can reach 68 ° F.
  • The tip here is to visit the tulip fields in the regions of Abbotsford and Penticton, for example.

Summer is certainly an invitation to events and outdoor attractions.

It is certainly the time of year when the city receives more tourists.

  • The parks, lakes, and beaches are filled with people enjoying the sun and temperatures ranging from 64 ° F to 90 ° F.
  • The tip here is to enjoy the long days of the sunshine.
  • Make the most of the places and attractions that the region offers;
  • Such as the farms to harvest fruits of the season such as cherries, raspberries, and the famous blueberries.

As autumn approaches, temperatures start to drop lower (between 43 ° F and 57 ° F).

The city is changing color and passing through shades of yellow, orange and reddish.

  • The days are getting shorter and the nights longer, until the leaves, the famous Maple Leaf that symbolizes Canada;
  • Begin to fall announcing the arrival of the next season.
  • At this time of year, aside from visiting the colorful parks;
  • It is time to pick pumpkins from the farms that surround the town and sculpt them for the great celebration of Halloween.

And last, but not less relevant, the winter.

In winter, the temperatures here arrive at 32 ° F and sometimes even negative (between 28 ° F to – 21 ° F).

However, with appropriate clothes and the heating present in all indoor environments and even on public transport, they ease the cold of visitors but do not stop there.

  • For snow lovers, it takes just a few minutes to get to the top of one of the three mountains that frame the city and offer incredible pistes of ski;
  • Snowboard;
  • Skating and snowshoeing (ice trekking), or guaranteed fun for those who enjoy winter sports.

So, guaranteed fun for those who enjoy winter sports.

The tip here is to check out the fantastic Grouse Mountain and Mount Seymour mountains, or the famous Cypress Mountain, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010.


Vancouver on the next screenplay !!

Well, to put one more seasoning on the chance that you consider Vancouver your next tourist destination!!

I’ll tell you a little bit about 3 great city attractions:

1- Stanley Park: 

  • It is the largest and most beautiful park in the city, with about 400 acres of great nature bathed in the Pacific Ocean and in harmony with the mountains.

You will find lakes, small beaches, lots of green space to relax on a delicious picnic, public swimming pool, tennis courts, café, restaurant, plus the incredible Vancouver Aquarium and more.

If you are from the team who enjoy a beautiful walk, I recommend walking through Seawall:

  • A path that runs around the park for about 5mi, full of scenic landscapes and incredible places to take lots of photos!

Now, if you want something more sporty and dynamic, the tip is to rent a bicycle in the stores that offer the service near the park and go through the cycle path that follows the same route.

The special stop is on the imposing Lions Gate Bridge:

  • A suspension bridge linking North and West Vancouver to the heart of downtown Vancouver, cutting through the Stanley Park forest as a green tunnel filled with nature.

Seawall – Stanley Park


2- Granville Island: another incredible place!

  • A small peninsula, literally stuck in the city and which is considered one of the most charming places in Vancouver.

To get to this little paradise you just cross the bridge the same name as the Granville Street Bridge or cross False Creek on one of the smaller Aquabus – Ferry, which crosses this fake canal that cuts through the city.

You will find the Public Market, bars, restaurants and several galleries with shops selling the most diverse souvenirs.

On Granville Island, two stops are almost “obligatory”:

  • The first, for pictures, is at the cement factory Ocean Concrete, which houses in its silos an incredible and huge painting of Brazilian artists Gustavo and Otávio Pandolfo, known as – The twin.
  • E The second “mandatory” stop is to taste the craft and themed beers produced at the small factory called Granville Island Brewing.

Moreover, this is a separate chapter for another opportunity. Dozens of craft breweries with their little attached bars, which are scattered throughout Vancouver and region.


Granville Island – view from the deck facing False Creek


And to close the triad with the golden key, I will go back in time to tell you a little about the origin of the city.

3- Vancouver’s landmark is at Maple Tree Square:

  • An intersection where Water, Powell, Alexander and Carroll streets are right in the middle of the Gastown neighborhood.

It was there that in 1867, John “Gessy Jack Deighton” opened his first “saloon” in the small area known as Granville Townsite, which years later would grow into beautiful Vancouver.

Gastown is the oldest and most charming neighborhood in Vancouver, which blends old and new with great style and harmony.

Here it is worth mentioning that Maple Tree Square is one of the scenic places of the city to take beautiful photos.

Here you will find the Gessy Jack statue, the unique architecture of the Flatiron Building (formerly Hotel Europa) and the Byrnes Block, one of the oldest buildings in Vancouver to this day.

Undoubtedly, Gastown’s most famous street is Water Street:

  • You will have the chance to walk the cobblestone streets with their vintage lighting poles and their old constructions.

It is also there that you will have the opportunity to know the ancient and majestic Steam Clock by punctuating the hours punctually with its unmistakable whistle and steam.

Steam Clock – Gastown Vancouver Steam Clock


Exploring this bohemian neighborhood, you’ll find great restaurants, European and Asian cuisine:

  • Coffee, bars, pubs, galleries, and boutiques;
  • Ideal stop for shopping for Canada souvenirs, including the famous Maple Syrup,
  • The honey that is extracted from Maple leaves and is delicious.

These are some of the most tourist attractions in the city, but see that the list is long:

  • Grouse Mountain,
  • Capilano BridgeScience World,
  • Deep Cove,
  • Queen Elizabeth Park,
  • Chinatown,
  • Public Library,
  • Anthropology Museum,
  • Robson Street and much more.

Of course, the advantage of living here allows me to explore and discover those little spots that locals and locals love to go to.

Plus these secrets I’ll keep to tell when you with your family, or your friends, are bought tickets and counting the days to land here, in this lovely city called Vancouver.

For more information, custom tips and roadmaps contact Instagram @photo_brevito and talk to me.

Until then! Follow my profile and go with some of my photos and videos.

I hope to see you soon !!

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