Pregnant man? The role of the father in gestation, childbirth and puerperium

When a baby is born, the mother is already beginning to feel the changes in the body, changes in appetite, in weight, in the breasts. For the father, however, figuring out the pregnancy is quite different. Sometimes they even take a little longer to process the information that a new life is being generated. This does not mean, however, that man must passively follow the process. Nowadays, with several changes in the male-female role in society, it is far more common for them to play a much more inclusive role in gestation.

– What are the advantages of the father’s participation in pregnancy?

The main advantage that we can mention relates to the bond with the baby and his more proactive attitude towards the care of the baby after birth. In addition, the future mother feels much safer and more welcoming.

– How can the future dad participate more?

Assisting in preparation for the arrival of the child (such as assembling the baby’s room), attending courses for pregnant women (after all, the couple is pregnant, not only the woman), attending prenatal visits (taking advantage of this moment to which can help in consolidating the father-baby bond, because there he can actually see his baby through the screen ultrasound examinations).

There are also other ways to show support: being comprehensive to the pregnant woman’s mood swings, following up on physical activities and learning how to help her deal with gestational discomfort are excellent ways to show affection, attention, and concern.

-What if he does not want to participate?

Often the future dad feels excluded from the pregnancy. After all, he can not feel the changes in the body, the baby growing and may end up not connecting so much at this time. For many decades, the focus of pregnancy was on women only.

Today there are even prenatal exams for the partner (such as serologies).

One tip is to wrap it up gradually. Try to encourage him to talk to the baby, to feel the “kicks” when the pregnancy is already advanced. Explain to him that your presence is important can help too!

– Is it important for the father to be inside the room?

The key is support, and this varies with each couple.

Often it can generate more anxiety than safety. The best way is to attend watching if this will bring more peace and support to the mother and the baby.

Otherwise, it is better to wait outside. By law, the pregnant woman is entitled to a companion of free choice during labor and puerperium. Who will be this companion is a decision that only falls to the couple.

– What can the father do to help in the post-childbirth?

Putting into practice everything he has learned (or should have learned), such as bathing the baby, changing diapers, attending the crying dawn, supporting breastfeeding (often a simple glass of water for the mother who is breastfeeding is a sensational gesture).

The important thing is to continue to be a companion. It is always good to remember that babies are not born with instruction manuals. It is up to parents to discover together the best way to care for and love this baby to come!


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