Be more, own less

“To be or not to be”?!!

We live in times, or better saying, we reached a time in which HAVE is way more important than BE. Many of the things we own today were not even imaginable few decades ago, as all the trash we also generated with the excess of things we buy.

We reached too fast to a time when we have much more access to MORE things, information, people and we have LESS time to enjoy what we have, understand what we are informed about and relate to those who we care.

Awareness is the key !!

Some of us have already realized that we need less to be happier, that things do not substitute people nor heal wounds, but there is a lot to go backwards. Of course I am in favor of evolution but we speed up too much to be here.

So, we do not only need to take the foot off the gas pedal, be more cautions and pay the ticket. It is necessary to back the car up or go back a bit to the middle of the way.

Back to the past!!

We do not need to go all the way to the beginning, but go back to when supermarkets were not open on Sundays and we had to plan in advance to ensure we had everything to our Sunday barbecue –

  • We could not suddenly decide to buy soft drinks we need to think beforehand and take the container , take a bag or stroller to the street market as there were no plastic bags available.

It is necessary to be back to a time when you arrange a party a week before and each one would bring in the food, drinks arranged before and nobody would exchange tons of messages back and forth to decide what to bring.

We had less for sure, therefore we were happier or at least calmer.

Learning from the child’s innocence

Particularly I like to observe kids when I need re-learn or remember something, and for me a simple but practical and clear example of less is more come from them. 

How many times at birthday parties, everyone is worried in bringing the best, most expensive gift and then the kid unwrap it and realizes that the carton box is way too more interesting than the gift itself, because she can use as a house, a tent, a plane, a car, a fort anything that her imagination can create, teaching us a simple and so obvious lesson:

  • We do not need too much to be happier, more creative, more grateful, more careful and even more economic.

Together we are better and stronger !!

This way, with the purpose to pay more attention, be more conscious, I want come here monthly to help you to remind that less can mean and be a lot (depends only on our creativity) also share some tips to be more kind and careful with our planet.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank Adriana Jarva for the invitation to participate in this beautiful and inspiring blog, which is another channel to allow me to share and follow my purpose of helping people to change some habits and then keep our environment save. 

My wish to you: always BE HAPPIER.

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